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Formed in the Spring of 2007, Hindi-Rock band Manooghi Hi is comprised of Pacific Northwest musicians Jimmy Thomas, Kent Halvorsen, Ava Chakravarti, John Hollis, Jarrod Kapplan, Todd Fogelsonger and Bombay, India native Mehnaz Hoosein. Utilizing eclectic blends of focused Indian rhythms, haunting eastern melodies, powerful electric guitars and an aggressive rock rhythm section, Manooghi Hi explores a unique hybrid of music and cultural experience.

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Photos of Us

A few of our favorites (click to enlarge):

Ava Chakravarti of Manooghi Hi
Jimmy Thomas of Manooghi Hi
Todd Fogelsonger of Manooghi Hi

Manooghi Hi Group Shot
Manooghi Hi Glow Silhouettes
Manooghi Hi
Ava Chakravarti of Manooghi Hi


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